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Addiction is tough. Addiction is intimidating. Addiction is a disease. To fully break free from its grip, you need professional assistance from trained and experienced professionals that will provide as much compassion as knowledge. You need real care, real support, and real guidance. Before you can receive adequate treatment, you will need to admit to yourself and others that you have a disease you can’t overcome on your own. Once you have eliminating any trace of denial, you will be ready to combat addiction in long-term treatment.

Professional Detox

When you first come to Life Path drug rehab center in Portland, Oregon, you will go through supervised detox to take on withdrawal with as much support as possible. While your body expels harmful toxins that keep you addicted, you will go through unpleasant symptoms. In order to make sure this process is as safe and comfortable as it can be, you will need the professional guidance and resources of our addiction treatment center in Portland. Once you have gone through detox successfully, you will be able to move on to long-term treatment.

Focused Therapy

First, you will meet with a personal counselor to begin crafting your personalized addiction treatment program. No two people are the same, no two addictions are alike, and neither should your recovery plan. It will be specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your situation. This includes screening for dual diagnosis mental health screening. Nearly half of all the people with an addiction also struggle with an underlying mental illness that needs to be treated simultaneously in order to liberate you from the overall problem, not just the physical withdrawals.

Then, once your plan is created, you will begin treatment in individual and group therapy session. Here you will get to vent your struggles and seek out tangible solutions. During group meetings, you will empathize with others and they will empathize with you. You will also have the chance to exchange invaluable advice that will stay with you long after you leave our Portland addiction recovery clinic, as will the bonds and friendships you solidify.

Sustainable Aftercare

When you go to leave Life Path’s Portland addiction recovery facility, you will need the resources that were a part of your comprehensive addiction treatment plan. You will continue the treatment that you have been taking part in, which has been altered accordingly to meet your needs and the requirements of your situation. Continuing treatment is vital to your sustained sobriety. With the proper guidance after you have left our Portland addiction treatment clinic, you will be able to stay sober indefinitely.

You don’t need to do this alone. In fact, you shouldn’t do this alone. Take control of your life today. It’s as easy as calling Life Path and setting up an appointment for the free consultation at our drug rehab in Portland, Oregon that will change your life forever. You won’t regret the day you look back on as the moment everything took a turn for the better.