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Drug & Addiction Treatment Options

Drug and alcohol addiction can certainly be one of the most challenging struggles for the person who is suffering. However, finding an effective addiction treatment center doesn’t have to be so difficult. With years of experience, Life Path Center recognizes and understands the many challenges faced by our clients as well as the many questions they may have upon their journey of addiction recovery.

It is our priority to make sure our clients are successful in their journey through our program. With that said, as a result of its effectiveness and success rate, we focus on a supervised detox at our addiction recovery program in Solana Beach, California. This approach provides clients a professionally trained, carefully observant staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in an effort to ensure stability and success.

One of the primary purposes of supervised detox is to provide clients a safe alternative to self-treatment. While the initiative should be commended, due to potential dangers the treatment should be left in the hands of professionals. Symptoms of withdrawal can range from depression to anxiety to headaches, loss of appetite, blackouts, convulsions, delirium, and more. Contrary to popular belief, these symptoms may worsen before they subside. The highly trained staff in our Solana Beach drug rehab center, along with a caring community that promotes bonding among our clients ensures you will receive the best care as you face hurdles.

While recovery is a common goal for clients entering an addiction recovery facility, the process of rehabilitation may vary depending on individual needs. Detox, the ultimate goal, is a process designed to eliminate the presence of harmful chemicals from the body. There are a variety of approaches to the detoxification process, which may differ depending on the type of addiction. A drug rehab facility focusing on supervised detox assists in ensuring a smooth process and minimizes the pain and stress that accompanies withdrawal symptoms.

It’s not uncommon for clients in an addiction treatment facility to struggle with mental illness and substance abuse simultaneously. This occurrence is often referred to as dual diagnosis. Sometimes, one suffering from a mental health illness may acquire a drug dependency after their initial disorder arises, and others may find themselves struggling with mental illness as a result of an addiction, or even in addition to withdrawal symptoms during treatment. Nevertheless, identifying and addressing a dual diagnosis is often imperative to treatment. Our highly-qualified, supportive team of professionals at Life Path are professionally trained to recognize the significance of dual diagnosis in an effort to provide effective treatment for clients’ conditions and special needs.

Providing safe and effective treatment in a caring environment is a top priority at our substance abuse treatment facility in Solana Beach. Having staff available 24/7 helps ensure clients are receiving care in a nurturing environment that remains drug-free and promotes a positive path to recovery through a close-knit community of clients and staff. In order to deliver the safest care possible, we require our clients and staff to follow a strict set of rules which may include, but is not limited to, restrictions on electronic devices, mandatory drug testing, visitors upon approval only, and program adherence requirements.

Upon entering our Solana Beach drug detox clinic, our clients quickly become part of our family. We encourage supporting each other and building trust through honest and open communication. Considering the fact that many of our clients are with us for extended periods of time, we strive to make our addiction recovery center in Solana Beach feels as much like home as possible.

Throughout the recovery process, our clients continue to receive the highest level of care through individual, group and family therapy with a focus on individual needs in order to ensure long-term success. Furthermore, the addiction recovery process doesn't stop after a stay in our facility, as aftercare programs continue to provide a much needed level of ongoing support. The aftercare programs are designed to provide our clients with the tools they need to continue living happy, healthy lives post-recovery, focusing on building new relationships while mending those which may have been damaged as a result of addiction, acquiring skills, and retaining employment, and most importantly, avoiding relapse to live a drug-free life.