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At Life Path Center, we always go out of our way to highlight how essential honesty is to the recovery process.

We know that the best chance at overcoming addiction is derived from an open and honest heart. Honesty is important right off the bat at our addiction recovery facility. That’s because we start with an intake interview that will seek to illuminate some of the issues that may have informed your addiction, and to begin to understand how best to provide you with the care you need. Once we have identified areas where you need the most care, we will concoct an addiction recovery plan that targets these areas accordingly.

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In addition to honestly, you’ll find that our addiction recovery center places an extremely high value on discretion. We understand that, for personal reasons, some of our clients may wish to maintain a low profile. There are a number of reasons a client may possess that results in a desire to keep their time here under wraps. But whatever the reason, Life Path Center is prepared to help you achieve this goal. Our staff is always considerate, and will keep any information you prefer to be confidential. In addition, we work hard to ensure that every client at our drug abuse treatment center understands how important it is to maintain discretion when speaking about their time here.
At Life Path Center, your journey to recovery will begin the same way all of our clients begin their journey with us. After you take part in the comprehensive intake interview, you’ll proceed to monitored detoxification. During detox, you will purge any remaining toxins that have accumulated in your bloodstream due to substance abuse from your system. In some cases, this may be accompanied with the symptoms of withdrawal. At best, the symptoms of withdrawal are uncomfortable, but at worst, they can be dangerous. This illustrates why supervised detox is so essential to the recovery process: by having a member of our well-trained staff on hand, you’ll be able to rest assured that your safety will never be compromised.
Life Path Center prides itself on providing all of our clients with adequate therapeutic services. That's why we offer group therapy sessions, individual sessions, and family therapy services. While the care that each individual will need can vary from one client to another, we find that by offering a wide swath of therapeutic services, we can better help our clients reach recovery.

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